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The generational divide

The generational divide

The generational divide

The motivation and understanding to connect virtually for all generations has become a challenge, because communication can breakdown between those who are internet savvy, and the technology illiterate. For those now in their 70s they remember the world with no mobile phones and internet, and see the value of a phone call, which is their ‘go-to’ form of communication. The younger generations are born with the aspiration of having a smart phone of their own by the age of 13, some even younger. On the road the Internet is a reliable way to connect.

There are so many ways to interact in the virtual social space, and this has grown in the last 10 years due to wide use smart of phones when they were introduced into the mainstream in 2011. This has allowed apps to rise in popularity to increased interaction in the virtual space. The question about whether platforms like the well establish skype.com, the newer zoom.com, and other ways of video calling such as viber, what’s app and face time only supplement the visceral connection of in person contact. Can it really replace the physical touch or transference of energy between people while meeting in person? There are some people who will never meet each other in person.

It may sound a peculiar observation, but you’ll only see the top half their body, unless they choose to show more than is framed on the screen, during the video chat. Often then we may never get to know the full person if working remotely in a remote team. There is an element of being comparable to the theatre, when communicating in the digital space, where there is an on stage, and off stage perspective of their life. That is not even taken in to account the backstage, who knows what goes on back there? It is up to the people conversing to show as much as little as they like. Also  their movement and their wider physicality is not on show. All of these elements help gain a different understanding of who they are.

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