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So you arrived then? Come on in and put your feet up, but obviously not if you are listening to this whilst your driving! … I’d love you to stick around and listen to a few episodes of the podcast.

You may be pondering about the Plucky Nomad podcast. It is for those that love a great listen. It’s for the risk-taking, exploratory and liberty seeking among us: as well as the extroverted, idealistic, charismatic, outspoken, highly principled, and ethical; for those who are very rational and logical, as well as spontaneous and enthusiastic. So diversity is the key here.

It is for the pragmatists, the dreamers, the wanderers, or just those who love the thought of travel, and are the nomadic hopefuls.

It’s also for those who are present creative, location independent freedom chasers, just like you. Listen, Subscribe, like and share.

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