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Hi, there and welcome to the world of The Plucky Nomad. I’m Ms. Plucky, aka Ginny Evans-Pollard!

I have travelled extensively to 45+ countries. Travel opened me up to many diverse points of view, while prioritising learning, and experiencing life through getting out there. I love involving myself in culture first hand. This is either as a solo traveller, or whilst it’s living as an expat in Mexico, Spain, Oman, Egypt, Romania and China.

So you’re wondering, “What’s the Plucky Nomad about?” Well it’s a blog; podcast and innovative community created by me for the entrepreneurial, adventurous and freedom seeking among us. For those that love travel, or love the thought of it, and are aspiring or current creative, location independent freedom seekers, just like you.

I share with you fresh perspectives on mostly solo travel, and location independence.

The blog, and podcast is entertaining, informative, and funny; but most of all inspired, inspiring and useful.

It’s more than a blog and podcast; it’s about creating community and connection between learning about digital nomadism, location independence, life coaching and travel.

A friend told me when I asked her about the things I am good at “I admire your zest for life and throwing yourself into exciting challenges…. always looking to better yourself…inspiring.”

The Plucky Nomad is this exciting new venture doing all of that: connecting with the young at heart, with that zest for life and travel; but also is about helping others along the way.

So lets jump right in to the blog, listen to the podcast, subscribe to the blog / or sign up to the podcast, support me on Patreon, and find out about how to become a plucky nomad.