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The Plucky Nomad goes housesitting

The Plucky Nomad goes housesitting

The Plucky Nomad goes housesitting

The lady I am video calling in Mexico for the position of housesitting in her jungle retreat near the Caribbean coast is clear that she wants someone who is level headed and well considered.  She doesn’t want anyone who has mental health issues and isn’t able to handle any emergency situations. The fan is pelting her face, she looks hot and to honest a bit bothered by the Mexican sun. She comes across as slightly nervous, but clear about what she wants in her house sitter. The thing is she is leaving her home for two months, to someone she never met. The reality of that for homeowners, and pet lovers is sometimes too much to bear for those who have never done this before. Others may have varied experiences both good and bad of their exchange with other sitters.

House sitting or looking after someone’s pets comes with a great deal of responsibility, but there are great benefits to the arrangement for the independent traveller or digital nomad, as well as the home or pet owner.

So how do you get to housesit and what are the important points to consider before the hand over?

I have been housesitting internationally for 5 months. I started in Mexico on the Caribbean coast, and then went over to Mexico City. I returned to the UK for a while to housesit in Brighton. The next housesit was outside Chile’s capital by the coast in a place called Las Cruces. All of these housesits involved looking after well-loved pets. I was conscious of this, and made sure that I cared for them to the same level their owners did. This comes with an agreement, and set of expectations with the owner about their pet care. Some prefer to discuss this before even taking the decision to offer you the house sit, especially if they are new to the scene. Some are more relaxed about the process, as they have trusted in house sitters before.

Housesitting is based on trust so character references, or reviews that someone gives of any previous housesitting assignments completed are a great boost to your profile. Signing up for housesitting sites is the easiest way to get a house sit. It also means taking good quality photos of yourself, where you look presentable and responsible. Having a well-written profile to put on the housitting website is an essential selling point.

The next step is to choose, which website you would like invest most of your time engaging with.  These are the top 5 house sitting websites with the cost to join:

🏠 trustedhousesitters.com is $119 per year

🏠 housecarers.com is $50 per year

🏠 mindmyhouse.com is $20 per year

🏠 Nomador.com is $89 per year

🏠 housesitmatch.com is from up top $98

Once you have signed up, and applied to join after completing the various checks, it is good to set up a video call. This helps to further verify you as a responsible human, as well as check in with the owners about their expectations and any concerns they may have. Once all negotiations about dates are done, and all the decisions are made about whether you are the right match it then the housesit can go ahead.

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