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Remote Work Academy

Come back with me to the summer of 1993. I am 16. It’s GCSE results day. I get all Cs. My mum exclaims, “Well done! You’re my average girl!” She smiles. “Ouch!” I think, while a piece of me whimpers. Who wants to be average? Not me! So it’s just like Philip Larkin wrote in ‘This be the verse’. “They fuck you up, your mum and dad. They may not mean to, but they do.”

I’m not bitter at all: parents, for many, are the first to imply limits. There are no victims here… I realised that being accountable means not accusing anyone else for anything I am being, doing, or feeling. I determine my reaction to whatever occurs…or has happened in the past… this is key and is what I learnt through coaching to achieve my desire for freedom and choice. Who or what is limiting you?

Remote work isn’t coming to the workplace — it’s here. So I’m growing a community for those who are aspiring or current creative, location independent freedom seekers interested in becoming part of the Plucky Nomad community. Do you want to make an impact? This community is for you if you are Blogger / Vlogger, Photographer, Videographer, Artist of any kind, Musician, Personal Trainer, Coach / Consultant. Or simply you have a dream of building a location independent lifestyle, working remotely to get flexibility to graft on your own terms online.

Lets come together with like-minded peers to share ideas, success, get feedback, be held accountable and support you on your journey. Who doesn’t need that?

It includes:

“Ms Plucky Nomad Kit”

Four downloadable videos available on-demand,
Two live interactive group online coaching webinars using Remo technology (www.remo.co) in virtual break out rooms.

This means a significantly higher level of quality connection with each other, and with me your coach, plus a 3-month community membership to a private Facebook group.

I offer support in issues around your:

Idea: Clarifying the what, the how, and the why of your idea.
Money: Making money online, sales and the big push.
Health: The how of clear boundaries, great time management, networking, addressing diversity to keep our selves mentally healthy
Barriers: Learning the art of unsticking yourself, roadblocks on the journey, being accountable, the art of not giving a F**k, beating fears as an entrepreneur and self-care.


Are you in? Sign up for updates and find out about when the next group starts. Still not sure arrange a short call to ask any questions.

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