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Keeping relationships alive on the road: What influences our choices?

Keeping relationships alive on the road: What influences our choices?

Keeping relationships alive on the road: What influences our choices?

Ginny Evans-Pollard Explores the challenges of being Nomadic in a settled world. She explores some reasons why keeping relationships can help, because after all loneliness is a killer.

For digital nomads or location independent people being on the road carves out a life of freedom. There are challenges for Nomads to overcome in a settled world because there are set expectations about this lifestyle. The idea that the world is your oyster is a clearly common one. There are many other cliques and common memes that accompany the perception of this. These include: ‘life will be a big adventure’, and there is ‘no one to answer to’. This existence does offer these however there is always a big ‘but’ ‘no (wo)man is an island’ and yes we humans are social animals. This being the question for many ‘living the dream’ is how to maintain new, and existing relationships offline.

There are so many opportunities to connect in a virtual space. For the digital nomad or long term traveller there is a state of transience. The way relationships form is different from those who live in the same town for the majority of their lives. To prevent loneliness it is important to connect with those back home, making those more challenge times of solitude easier to endure, and this is clearly something that has to be worked on.

For Digital nomads, long-term travellers, and expats there is a desire to create new experiences while on the road. Reaching out to new people and forming new connections is just as important as maintaining relationships from home. There is a common idea that if you aren’t physically in your home country then you are away. With this in mind it is up to the person travelling to remind those at home that even though they are in another continent that they are still in their thoughts.

It is interesting to consider impact of distance on relationships and whether the lack of in person contact weakens their depth. People can stay in long-term relationships and feel just as distant from their partner even though they live in the same house as them. Are deep relationships assumedly developed over time and at close physical distance? Perhaps there is something about immediacy of understanding that makes relationships more valuable. Or really is it not about time at all, and not just about having an immediate connection with shared understanding of the nomadic lifestyle, that will mean you just click. Those who share your mind-set from the get go, may become the most important and relevant to you due to this stronger bond.

There is something very important though to keep who you were through longstanding connections.  So all this considered it is imperative to feel that you never loose you are for who are now and who you could become. Keep your roots close to your heart and keep those people close to you, but don’t let them fully define and confine you.

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