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Episode 1 | Fear is an F word

Episode 1 | Fear is an F word

This is the first podcast from the Plucky Nomad! In this episode we discuss that strong emotion synonymous to us all-fear. Perhaps discovering fear can in fact be a positive emotion making humans more driven: despite social media’s anxiety inducing intrusion on our lives.

I interview four professional life coaches about what fear and vulnerability is to them. They share their understanding of fear, and why it is important to explore it.


Claudia Molina

Julie Creffield

Emily Johnston

Lia Rich

The first guest is Claudia Molina who is a personal coach working with committed individuals to refine their true potential, moving them from their present lives to the potential truth. Claudia comments on how the ability to admit what fears you have could pose a sense of vulnerability.

My second guest is Julie Creifield a mum, author of 8 books, owner of 3 thriving businesses, international speaker, and marathon runner. Julie discuss about what fear means to her, and the potential benefits of embracing fears.

The third guest is Emily Johnston is a transformational life coach, facilitator and massage therapist whose aim in all her work is to bring space and peace into people’s lives. Emily explains the significance of fear, and way it is an area of our lives that is an exciting and revealing space for examination in coaching.

The final guest is Lia Rich works with a wide range of people as a holistic coach. This approach addresses these 3 components of health, which is at its core: enhancing wellbeing. Lia clarifies how common fear is and how “it really pops up everywhere”.

Here is a short clip from the podcast, listen here.

Episodes coming are:
– Going Tiny to happiness with a Capital H: A journey to a cluttered and downsized life
– Women’s Power in Mexico

Listen to the podcast here:

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