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Coaching can help you weather the storm

Coaching can help you weather the storm

Coaching can help you weather the storm

Ginny E-P interviews Lia Rich, a coach who looked for more beyond the London bubble. Lia Rich is a coach who removed herself from her couch to explore another perspective.

Coaching offered Lia insight and clarity, a chance to leave the tornado of life that had formed around her to learn, shape, and explore what it looked like outside it. There must be something else out there? Right?

Lia Rich near her London home.

Lia felt a wizzz, (with extra zs) of excitement. “Booking that first flight which was to Fiji … Instantly already felt “oh there’s an adventure I’m going to the Far East, I’ve never been to China, what’s that going to throw at me.”

There must be something else out there? Right?

In the wizard of Oz Dorothy has a dream, where the house was picked up by the tornado without demolition and was carried over the rainbow to the magical Land of Oz. Lia probably wished she could do the same; to be honest she would have saved a lot of money on airfares and accommodation. Instead of letting the stormy twister carry her like Dorothy, she decided to step out for a while from it. In place of traveling somewhere over the Rainbow to the magical Land of Oz in her London home, she took the more conventional form of transport to the real Aus. and the Far East. 

A treacherous but also adventurous hike up Mt. Catur extinct volcano during rainy season (not be to confused with Mt. Batur) where Lia managed to rip my trousers in 3 places! Bedugul, Indonesia, February 2020.
The locals helped to find the hike with this handy map.
There is a choice though, and coaching can make you aware of those choices.

From Lia’s perspective, and I have to agree with her, “life is probably a lot of learning. I think all in all it’s a lot simpler than sometimes we can make it out to be. And really, it kind of sounds cliché but really simple pleasures, those should be the things that stick out in our mind, when we think about the meaning of life.” Often though it can seem a lot more complex and as coaches, we often understand how this perception is possible through our lives and through that of our clients.

When tornadoes form it takes warm, humid air to collide with cold, dry air. Life can sometimes feel like a colliding weather system, and a coach can be your weather person helping you with the changes that have been forecast. Lia Rich speaks highly of being able to step out for a while and weather the storm in another part of the world.  “You step out of the tornado, and you’re looking at it from outside. All of it can seem really insignificant, but there’s something powerful in being able to do that.”  Coaching is part of this process where it can facilitate a difficult period in life and then looking back, it can seem insignificant, a complete contrast to when you are in the thick of it. 

Sometimes you escape the tornado to find yourself embracing the weather from a tropical cyclone called Tino. Michelle Reef, Taveuni, Fiji, January 2020.
… she took the more conventional form of transport to the real Aus. and the Far East.

Travel may well make things even smaller when you’re further away, coaching does the same, it offers a chance to distance and reflect. So, when Lia expressed her beliefs about what travel and adventure offers, “And I think that may tie in with how I think everybody on this planet deserves to be able to have that experience and also be able to sit back and find something, whether that’s inside the tornado or outside the tornado that makes them think this is actually great!”

If you are reading this in Britain and you’ll know that here, there can be four seasons in one day. OK, we don’t usually get tornados, but when the denser cold air is pushed over the warm air, usually producing thunderstorms that is how this feeling of pressure and being frustrated can stick. So, it is good to step away from the eye of the storm. Yes, there are lots of weather comparisons, and there is a significant amount of parallels that can be drawn between, mental health, coaching, and travel. Let’s not beat around the metaphor – if you can step out for a while and coaching is on offer as a way to find a different perspective– then why not do it.

Career coaching, or a more holistic approach can offer time to reconnect or re-evaluate?

Prior to the pandemic perhaps many of us felt like we lived in a tornado with the life-work balance toppling over, and then picking yourself up and dusting yourself off is just part of the new normal. Trying to land on your feet and remain grounded when you are in a tornado is nearly impossible now. The pressure to persist on your path as an individual to the ‘conventional way’ may be causing an updraft, just like the tornado when the warm air rises through the colder air. This updraft will begin to rotate if winds vary sharply in pace or course just like life can. The updraft may present itself as the unexpected in the form of a job redundancy, or an adjustment in relationship status, dealing you a curveball or plot twist, and just like life: the speed of the wind change can vary tremendously. Coaching enables you with the tools to re-evaluate and act, holding space and time to investigate other avenues.

Meeting the chief of Soso Village. Try finding that on google maps! Soso Village, Fiji, January 2020.

There is a choice though, and coaching can make you aware of those choices.  It is what both made Lia Rich and Ginny E-P reconvene with our authentic selves. Well, 9/10 times you know the answers, but the coach is there to confirm, empower, and guide how you get there. Not an advisor to tell you what to do but a listening ear to offer accountability, a chance of building on self-belief, and combating fear during the change of direction may be needed. Career coaching or remote work consulting from myself, Ginny E-P, founder of The Plucky Nomad, or a more holistic approach from Lia Rich can offer time in this universe to reconvene. Maybe what you need is to re-evaluate? 

Lia Rich is a Holistic Mental Health and Wellbeing Coach based in London. Check her out here and here.

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