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The modern travel and work location independent, digital nomad and solo traveller is on the look out for both a sense of style and adventure. Social media is both the king and queen of advertising so does your brand want to part of this new work and travel revolution?

Location independent workers, digital nomads and solo travellers, alike are looking for much more than ever before, wanting the destinations they pick to associate with who they are, and their daily experiences. Everything from the brands, the tech, the design and style of where they stay, and as well as the delightful places they eat.

The Plucky Nomad delivers human interest, travel stories, city guides and select lifestyle curated content that is associated with what our community hankers after.

Make sure the Plucky Nomad Travellers are your audience, which is possible through a variety of means:

• Traditional ad placements: ½ page and full-page ads
• Advertorial Content within the blog
• Sponsor a travel column, travel series or seasonal story
• Sponsored content on the blog
• Email advertising
• Custom packages
• Social Media promotions

To view a full advertising deck and media kit, simply email jevanspollard@gmail.com or lets set up a call.