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My name is Ginny Evans-Pollard. I’m an entrepreneur, coach, blogger, and digital nomad.

I am a specialist in empowering people to become location independent and make a career change.  This could be because they want to have the freedom to work from wherever they choose, be their own boss, and want flexibility around work. 

A dream of mine is to travel to South America, it is no longer a dream it is a reality.  I am currently back in the UK after travelling in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil. Now I am in Wales working here. I will be here until the international borders open. Until and I will travel through my experience in the continent via my podcast, youtube and blog. 

 I also have a current affairs blog, Janine the freelance writer, and the podcast is about remote working, coaching, female emancipation and entrepreneurship.

New job, new decade? Ready to take action and change? Supportive and actionable group coaching to drive your career change. Find out more.